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Dragon Monster Rechargeable Metal Hair Clipper

PS: Please charge it fully before using it Instructions and Features: 1. Easy to use and easy to use. Easy to clean. 2.Hair Design: Several fashionable hair styles. 3.Barber shop: The professional hair clipper can be used for cutting short hair of children, men or women. 4. Clean cut. Precision design stainless steel, super sharp V-shaped cutting angle design, smoother haircut. 5.It is mainly used for contour repair, sculpting . 6.Long lasting power. Built-in high performance lithium-ion battery. 7.Can be used for a long time after fully charged. 8. Small body and wear resistance. 9. Ultra-short tooth distance. 10.Can be used to prune cutting, automatic grinding will not rust for a long time. 11. Smooth cut, will not damage the hair. 12. Touch the skin safely without hurting the scalp. 13.4 limit combs to help cut hair. 6 advantages: Sharp Large capacity battery Strong power Reduce noise Fast charge Sustainable

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Seller Bizzimall

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