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Rashnik Stainless Steel 3-layer Dish Rack

RASHNIK 3 LAYER DISH RACK IS 22 INCHES LONG WITH THICK BODY. It also comes with utensils and glass holder Modern design 3 tier kitchen dish drying rack and storage system made with stainless steel for stability and durability. The top tier rack is for holding plates while the flat bottom rack can be used for mugs and bowls, the top has two handling bars for easy transport and the bottom has plastic tray to hold drips easily. One side is equipped with a cup drainer and the other side has cutlery drying rack which is ideal to dry utensils, you can remove them whenever you want. This design provides more space without costing more counter top space, making it very convenient, easily fit with any kitchen surrounding. Keeps your cubes fresh and odour free with air tight lid.

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Ksh 1,999.00 Ksh2,499

Seller Bizzimall

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